The only platform designed to
operationalize trust and belonging
at work

Organize shared interests

MixR gives each employee the opportunity to create, manage and join groups where they can talk, connect and meet with like minded colleagues.

Built for your people,
by your people

By letting employees build and manage their own communities you are not only reducing management workloads but also empowering each employee to tailor their own experience at your organization.

Smart automation at
your service

MixR is designed to make managing your communities@work easier than ever before thanks to a wide array of smart automation features that include contextual CTAs, real-time suggestions, automatic reminders, goal tracking, calendar, integrations and so on.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Community

MixR's dashboard deliver actionable insight into your communities to guide employee intitiatives and optimize the effectiveness of policies in your organization.

Company Dashboard

(for C-suite and HR/People team)

Member Dashboard

(Private to each member)

Group Dashboard

(Private to group leadership team)