MixR is the platform for building thriving workplace communities


With MixR, employee-run groups can manage their own activities, plan their own events, and invite attendees. Leadership can also be shared: individual group members can suggest and run their own activities, so a thriving community is not dependent on one or two people doing all the work. And MixR’s gamified structure also makes it fun, while dashboards provide complete insight into what makes your communities happy.

building community in the workplace

Community Dashboards

MixR’s community and company dashboards help you manage every element of your community-building activities, helping avoid the slumps that often happen when leaders leave, and creating visibility inside your company. Impact metrics also help you see your most-engaged employees, elevating next-generation leadership.


MixR’s groundbreaking CQ™️ index helps you keep your finger on the pulse of community at your company. Built using our proprietary algorithms, CQ measures community activity, engagement and share-of-voice. There’s even a proprietary “happiness index” that helps you measure sentiment among community members.


If it’s not fun, why do it? MixR is gamified to reward community members for participating, both online and offline. Community members gain status by engaging, moving up the path to recognition and leadership. Interaction creates empowerment, visible impact, and a way for companies to show gratitude to their employees.

Built differently

Our first step in building MixR was to remove as much algorithm bias as possible to create an environment that is respectful of all its members. MixR is also built the way women organize - low hierarchy, shared responsibility, transparency - easy to measure impact and to transfer responsibility for a community if a leader leaves.

Community is everything

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