MixR Community Guidelines

Your guide to creating vibrant communities on MixR

Welcome to MixR!

Building community does not happen overnight. Authentic community is all about gradually building trust between members, creating a safe space for people to connect and building genuine relationships. From that place of comfort, people can grow, innovate and thrive.

This guide will serve as a valuable resource throughout your community-building journey on MixR. You’ll find insights on finding your people, getting the most out of the platform and ensuring mutual respect, safety and trust throughout your communities.

Finding your communities: Be your genuine, unapologetic self

Genuine connections rely on genuine people. When creating your profile, you’ll be prompted to enter your interests, passions and hobbies. This step will go a long way in helping you discover communities that align with your interests and connect with like-minded colleagues. This information can either be kept private, or be available for others to see – it’s all up to you.

From there, feel free to join as many groups and mixrs that spark your interest. Please note that some groups are set to private, meaning you will either need to be invited or request to join them. Interact with these communities by attending mixrs, sharing updates and privately messaging others. If you don’t see a pre-existing group centered around one of your interests, you are encouraged to create one and invite others to join. We know how valuable it is to build friendships in the workplace, and have a safe place to have meaningful conversations. We hope this platform will help you find your tribe and do just that.

Building quality communities: Positive change comes from positive leadership

To get the most out of your workplace communities, they need to be built with purpose and patience. At MixR, we call them communities@work, and they’re structured around shared interests, regular in-person meetings, open discussions and active engagement.

  • Each community should have a defined purpose and vision: who is it serving, what do you want to accomplish together? For each group, we suggest picking a few main objectives to focus on. These could be as simple as networking, opening channels of discussion with leadership, having fun, launching an intrapreneurial project or improving something in your organization – you name it!
  • In order to build trusting relationships, it is crucial to meet and interact with community members on a regular basis. We suggest planning/attending a minimum of 8-10 mixrs per year to give yourself the chance to build real connections with your colleagues. The number of mixrs you decide to create/attend will ultimately depend on the type of community at hand. For example, a sports group may want to meet once a week, whereas a women in tech group may prefer to meet once a month. It’s all up to you!
  • Some communities and missions will require some form of financial investment. You may consider requesting funding from your organization to help bring your group’s objectives to life. Work with your fellow colleagues and group organizers to determine what this might look like.

Creating responsible communities: Be a champion for mutual trust & respect

Creating communities where anyone will feel welcome and supported is every member’s responsibility. Embracing and accepting all – regardless of their differences – will create a better day-to-day experience at work and infuse more life into your communities.

  • Please refrain from making comments or engaging in behaviors that demean any person, race, religion, gender, age group or abilities.
  • Be sure to hold your colleagues to the same standard and always maintain a zero tolerance policy for personal attacks, insults, harassment or bullying of any kind. Always refrain from aggressivity when calling out these behaviors – be gentle, adamant, and favor private messages as a first measure in doing so. Be the change you want to see!
  • Mindfully handled tension builds healthier communities, so be sure to address any disputes with respect. Should you need to report inappropriate behavior, the ‘Report’ button is available at any time.

Happy community-building!

We hope this guide provides you with all the tools you need to create vibrant and well-rounded communities that act as a safe space for everyone to feel supported, gain inspiration, learn from one another, create amazing content and more.

Feel free to reach out for any questions, comments or concerns you may have.