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Establish your organization as a leader in employee experience, well-being and trust building

MixR is a unique platform that allows employees with shared interests to come together and create vibrant communities@work. Unlock a new world of possibilities for your communities with MixR’s wide array of community building features and full spectrum analytics.

improving employee experience
trust at work

Scale trust and belonging

Facilitate Change by engaging your people to develop trust and belonging throughout the organization. Change is the only constant standing: you need Trust to transform change into opportunities.

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Remote work tools

Empower your people

Enable your employees to build communities that matter to them, organize events (aka mixrs) together and grow their social and leadership skills.

Remote work engagement

Foster meaningful connections

Break down silos: Bypass teams, departments and roles to bring your people together around their interests and passions, not just their job.

Employee Engagement

Understand what moves your people

Help community organizers easily manage and develop meaningful interactions in full privacy. And help organizations understand the interest make up of their workforce, advance the idea of communities@work and collect feedback all in one place.


Find a place for life@work

Provide a place for your people to share personal and professional interests in the workplace and reconnect life@work. Help them recreate work-life balance, fight against isolation and strengthen their mental well-being in a constantly changing world.

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What our partners say about us


Partnering with MixR in an effort to activate our D & I programming was highly rewarding. Our goal of increasing brand awareness about our company's values and social causes was met when consumers, employees and the local community gained insight on current trends and internal programming. When people realize a global brand cares about the humanity of its employees and consumers, greater retention, sales & productivity is gained. MixR is leading the way in this most valuable area of innovative, digital community engagement.

Nataly Rodrigues - General Manager T-Mobile, Santa Monica