Community Guidelines

Why community guidelines are important?


MixR Community Guidelines are meant to support you as a member and/or as a group organizer to enrich your experiences with one another. Think of these as your guiding principles to establish Mutual Trust and Respect.

Here are some ways you can create a responsible community:

MixR Community Guidelines

Be your genuine, unapologetic self!
Positive social change relies on genuine connections, and genuine connections rely on genuine people. Please verify your identity by entering a name, profile picture, and information that adequately represent you–this will also prevent bizarre blunders when you meet face-to-face.

Diversity is vitality
Infuse more life into your MixR community by refraining from comments or behaviors that degrade any race, religion, gender, age group, or abilities. Be the change you want to see!

Community needs trust
The surest way to build trust is to relate in ways that support our mutual empowerment. MixR has a zero tolerance policy for personal attacks, insults, harassment, or bullying of any kind.

A thriving community creates value for its members
MixR is a safe space to generate great value for us all. Share your unique talents and leadership abilities: Create amazing content, foster opportunities for others to connect, to learn, to feel supported. Make them come away so uplifted that they will want to come back and inspiration will ripple out to everyone around!

Mindfully-handled tension builds healthier communities
If a dispute arises in a group or mixr, address it respectfully (remember: it’s about mutual empowerment, not “I’m right and you’re wrong”). If that option is not available, you could ask another trusted member to act as a mediator.

Sometimes, creative leaders break the rules
As a member and as an organizer, it is part of your role to guarantee the respect of theses guidelines, along with the safety, and mutual trust & respect within the MixR community. If you feel it is necessary, the “Report” button is available at any time.

We are hopeful you will embrace these guidelines and grateful for you to share them within the MixR Community and beyond.

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