What We Learned From Gallup’s State Of The Workplace Report

This week, we’re highlighting Gallup’s latest State of the Workplace Report. The 2021 report is a deep dive into how employees around the world experienced life and work in 2020. It sheds light on many of the issues employees are facing, and what organizations will need to address in order to create a better workplace of the future. 

We highly encourage you to download the full report. In the meantime, read on for our key takeaways.

Negative Emotions Run High 

As evidenced throughout the report, negative emotions such as worry, stress, anger and sadness among employees across the world hit record levels in 2021. Faced with sudden changes, workplaces shuttering and jobs lost, 45% of people say their own life has been affected “a lot” by the Covid-19 crisis. Interestingly, Gallup’s research shows that these negative emotions have been rising over the past decade, and even if we return to pre-pandemic levels of these emotions, the numbers are still cause for concern. 

Disengagement Is Costing Us 

What’s more? As much as 80% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. This lack of engagement costs the global economy a staggering $8.1 trillion in loss of productivity each year. That’s nearly 10% of GDP. Employee engagement has to do with the enthusiasm of employees at work. The data shows that business units with higher employee engagement see higher rates of productivity and lower turnover. Engaged employees go above and beyond for their organizations – giving them exceptional business outcomes and strengthened competitive advantage. 

We Can Reverse These Trends

By far the most inspiring findings from this report lie in the fact that these trends are reversible. To create better resilience for tomorrow’s workplace, leaders need to have a renewed focus on two things: employee engagement and well being. According to Gallup, “Successful corporations of the future not only will generate profits, but also will generate thriving employees who are capable of weathering crises.” To us at MixR, it all begins with creating thriving workplace cultures that prioritize the well being of each and every employee. 

Well Being: A Deeper Dive

Let’s dive deeper into what that means. Gallup has identified five elements that make up overall well being.

All of these types of wellbeing are interconnected. When people are thriving in all five areas, they see better health and wellness outcomes overall. We’re focused on the social aspect of well being. Research has shown that having meaningful relationships at work can boost things like sense of belonging, employee engagement and mental health. MixR is designed to match and connect employees around their interests. When employees are empowered to form meaningful relationships, business and their people will experience better outcomes, at work and beyond. 

Want to learn more? If you’re ready to rethink your workplace for the future, let’s talk. In the meantime, check out our website: www.mixr.net

A special thank you to, Gallup, for providing this insightful and comprehensive research. You can download the full report here


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