Employee engagement methodology from SurveyMonkey

The Tao of Employee Engagement (Hint: It’s Belonging)

By Angela Wilson Gyetvan | November 12, 2019

A “whole person” theory of what drives employee engagement is not completed unless it includes belonging.

10 Questions for Assessing Corporate Culture from Gallup

Gallup’s 10 Questions for Assessing Culture

By Angela Wilson Gyetvan | October 21, 2019

In creating their very interesting Culture Asset Index for corporate boards, Gallup came up with 10 questions for assessing culture. Check them out, and then take MixR’s (anonymous!) poll to tell us how you think your company is doing.

Culture is a corporate asset

The Culture Asset Index

By Angela Wilson Gyetvan | October 10, 2019

Did you know that in a 2017 Blue Ribbon Commission report, the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) declared that culture is a corporate asset? FYI, that report defined culture as “the character of a company, what provides meaning to employees and the work they do … If values are the ‘what and why’ of […]

Culture is the Destination, Community is the Journey:…

By Angela Gytevan | September 4, 2019

In late 2018, we started approaching companies about how they could use MixR, they said two magic words: Catalyzing culture. We discovered that CEOs usually list three things as their greatest challenges: 1) Attracting and retaining top talent; 2) creating new business models in response to disruptive technologies; and 3) developing next-generation leaders. Nurturing an […]