They say a woman’s intuition never lies

By Tatjana Luethi | July 20, 2018

Many companies are born from the experiences that changed the lives of the founders, and MixR is no different. The mission and purpose of our company are intimately tied to our CEO’s personal story. As a woman quite happily making her way in the workplace in France, Cecile had no realization that her gender could […]

National Truth Day

By Tatjana Luethi | July 7, 2018

There seems to be a “day” for everything: donuts, friends, fried chicken, bringing your dog to work, piña coladas, even snakes (ick!). And that’s fine. But you know what day we really love over here at MixR? #TellTheTruthDay (which also happens to share the limelight, interestingly enough, with #NationalMacaroniDay). Today is Tell the Truth Day. […]

Fingers holding MixR Ambassador Program symbol

MixR launches Ambassador program to show there’s a…

By Tatjana Luethi | July 3, 2018

MixR launches Ambassador program to show there’s a new way to #LeadlikeaWoman The world is out of balance, politically, socially, economically. The overwhelming importance of male influence on organizational models, power structures, and even technological algorithms is a major issue today. At MixR, we believe that the beauty of our world comes from balance of […]

Freedom, Responsibility, Accountability

By Nilima Bhat | June 16, 2018

The importance of consciousness within the age of technology and why establishing healthy guidelines and a civil culture of interaction is imperative for how technology is being used. The French gave us “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” as a revolutionary rallying cry for a free, just and inclusive world. Three hundred years on, in a global, troll-infested […]