Startup Looks to ‘Reignite the Humanity’ in all of Us: MixR Featured in WorkSpace Connect

Exciting news! MixR was recently featured in WorkSpace Connect, a community for enterprise leaders focused on preparing organizations for the future of digital workspaces. The piece is the result of an interview between editor Beth Schultz, and our very own co-founder, Cecile Moulard.

Cecile shared how her previous work experiences – from landing a board seat at one of France’s largest publicly traded internet companies, to launching Amazon in France – led her to found MixR. Thanks to her wide spanning career, she came to realize that trust is the intangible force that binds people together, and that lack of trust is the cause of many issues organizations and their people are faced with. Thus began her mission to solve this $2.1 trillion per year problem.

The result? MixR: A Los Angeles-based startup on a mission to scale trust and belonging in the workplace through its powerful community-building engine.

At MixR, we believe in the power of community to scale trust throughout the workplace and beyond. Workplace communities built around shared-interests are the perfect place for people to feel represented and valued within an organization. Our easy-to-use SaaS platform empowers employees to join, create and manage these communities – enhancing trust, belonging and psychological safety – all the while giving organizations the ability to measure the growth and impact of these groups.

As highlighted throughout the article, the MixR team’s ultimate goal is to restore real, authentic connection in the workplace and “reignite the humanity” in all of us. In today’s world of continuous change and uncertainty, businesses are eager to find the right solutions to enhance their people and culture strategies.

We encourage you to dive deeper and check out the full recap of Cecile’s conversation with Beth Schultz here. Thank you, Beth, for the wonderful piece!

In case you missed it, MixR advisor, Mark Levy, was also featured in WorkSpace Connect last month. He shared ideas for transforming HR around an employee experience-centric approach. You can read the full piece here.

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