4 Predictions For The Future Of HR

If you work in and/or are interested in the HR field, chances are you’ve heard of Josh Bersin: a highly regarded thought leader, researcher, author and speaker in the enterprise learning and talent management space. 

At MixR, we’ve been following his work for quite some time and always look forward to the release of his yearly HR predictions report. This year’s report touches on 15 predictions encompassing all areas of HR against the background of an historically tight labor market, empowered workforces and continued pandemic uncertainties. It also highlights leading 2021 research in areas such as DEI, HR Capabilities, Employee Experience and HR Tech. 

As many companies are still planning for 2022 (after all, it’s only the first week of March), we thought it would be helpful to provide some key takeaways from the report. To dive deeper, you can download the full report here

Let’s dive in. 

Learnings From 2021 

A lot has changed in the past year, and it’s always good to look back on and learn from the past. The report highlights key learnings from 2021, and we love some of the outcomes. According to Josh, we learned to be more flexible and human-centric. Research shows a stronger focus on empathy, care and well-being at work. What’s more? The HR profession has transformed tremendously. HR now has a legitimate “seat at the table” and an increased ability to participate in long-term, strategic, company decisions. 

What’s Next In 2022

The report highlights many predictions for 2022, but there are a few that stuck out to us. Not to mention, their strong alignment with the MixR mission & values. 

  • Skills, capabilities & behaviors which put people first, ensure business success will follow. 
  • Diversity will be reframed as “belonging, equity, and inclusion”. 
  • There is a new wave of HR tech platforms focused on well-being & culture. 
  • Trust is the most highly valued element of Employee Experience. 

Food For Thought 

A final clear take away from Josh Bersin’s latest report is that the intense focus on Employee Experience is becoming mainstream. Every HR leader, vendor & consultant is now focused on the topic.

With all of the changes going on in the workplace – from The Great Resignation to The Great Reckoning – companies are scrambling to build Employee Experiences that meet the shifting expectations, needs and wants of today’s workforce. The report outlines six steps to creating what Josh calls “The Irresistible Organization” (see figure below). 

The research is clear: companies that are able to incorporate the above factors into their overall Employee Experience will come out on top in 2022. The good news? MixR can help you get started. To learn more, visit www.mixr.net and book a demo today. 

Don’t be shy! Share these findings with your network and spread the word about what’s next for the future of HR. You can download the full Josh Bersin Predictions Report here.

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