MixR welcomes Mark Levy, Former Airbnb Head of Employee Experience, to its Board of Advisors

Los Angeles, CA — We’re excited to introduce the newest member of MixR’s Board of Advisors, Mark Levy. At MixR, we like to think of our advisors as EnlightenRs, as their role extends far beyond providing advice. Our EnlightenRs are truly a vital part of our team: their knowledge and experience does not go unheard, and our growth and success would not be possible without them. As the pioneer of the shift from HR to Employee Experience, Mark has focused his career on harnessing the talents and passions of employees, and transforming the HR function to focus on the entire employee journey. 

“I am excited to be joining MixR’s Board of Advisors, an innovative and forward-thinking startup that is out to transform the workplace as we know it. For the past 30 years, I’ve focused my career on redesigning the HR function and redefining Employee Experience. MixR truly encompasses all of these aspects with its powerful community-building platform. I look forward to supporting the company and helping to inform their strategy moving forward.” – Mark Levy, Pioneer of the shift from HR to Employee Experience

In his early career, Mark worked with companies such as Best Buy, Levi Strauss & Companies and Gap. Inc. Most notably, Mark pioneered the design of Airbnb’s Employee Experience. In doing so, he has significantly influenced the way organizations view the HR function and shifted the focus onto social impact, company culture and healthy workplaces. In 2016, Glassdoor recognized Mark and his team’s framework by naming Airbnb as its #1 Place to Work. More recently, Mark served as the Employee Experience Leader at Allbirds, where he led the shift from People Ops to Employee Experience and created a foundation to scale their people and culture globally. 

Mark has harnessed his learnings to consult for companies, ranging from HR tech startups to global brands, on how to implement Employee Experience and bring their mission and values to life. He has a strong focus on creating a bond between the organization and its people, as well as giving back to the communities in which they operate.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Mark to our Board of Advisors. His vast knowledge in the employee experience and HR tech spaces is extremely valuable for all MixR clients, who will directly benefit from his strategic counsel. His deep experience as a leader and advisor to top organizations’ people and culture strategies makes him an amazing addition to our already powerful and diverse group of advisors. Thank you, Mark, for joining the MixR family. It’s a pleasure to have you and we’re looking forward to all of the amazing feats we will accomplish together. ” – Cecile Moulard, CEO & Co-Founder, MixR 

Mark is the sixth member to join our global group of EnlightenRs, which comprises of Andy Cunningham, Diane Flynn, Patricia Bonaert, Pierre-Marcel Blanchot and Nilima Bhat

About MixR 

MixR is an easy-to-use SaaS platform, available across all devices, that enables users to find, join and create vibrant interest-based communities. Users have the ability to connect with like-minded people across their organizations – bypassing traditional teams, departments and functions – as well as join events organized by these communities. Think of it as a fresh and expanded look at ERGs, D&I and Affinity groups, and the perfect place for these groups to live and thrive. 

At MixR, we believe in the power of community to scale trust and belonging in the workplace – two primordial factors of success in our world of change and uncertainty. When community is clearly embedded in an organization’s culture, well-being, engagement and loyalty blossom – key components for boosting productivity and growth. Feel free to connect with us to learn more and discover if MixR is the right solution for your community-building needs. 

For more insights on the importance of communities at work as we head into 2021, click here to download our infographic.

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