MixR Announces First U.K. Partnership With includeus

MixR, a Los Angeles-based Employee Experience startup, has announced a new channel partnership with D&I consultancy, includeus.

MixR is on a mission to scale trust and belonging in the workplace through its powerful community-building engine. The simple to use SaaS platform empowers employees and organizations to scale their community-building efforts and facilitate the management of interest-based groups, such as ERGs, Affinity Groups and other D&I groups.

“Our team is thrilled to work alongside, and learn from, includeus’ award-winning group of consultants. D&I is a multi-faceted challenge for organizations, and we’re drawn to their wide range of expertise and one stop shop offering. MixR was founded to harness the power of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging & Trust (D&I-B&T), because people do their best work when they’re happy, healthy and fulfilled. Together, we’re committed to creating cultures where diverse voices can be accepted and heard,” said Cecile Moulard, Founder & CEO, MixR.

Josh Tankel founded includeus with a vision to revolutionize the equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) space. He commented, “This important work is so much more than just a box ticking exercise – we’re totally dedicated to bringing out the best in people and encouraging genuine organizational change along the way. We’re thrilled to be working with MixR as our offers are very complimentary and will help transform all sorts of organizations for the better. We truly believe their platform will be a great fit for many of our clients.”

Together, MixR and includeus are helping organizations bring their D&I initiatives and cultures to life. Clients will benefit from includeus’ modern approach and endless experience in the field, alongside MixR’s powerful community-building engine. This partnership represents an amazing opportunity to deliver high-impact, sustainable solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

About MixR 

MixR is a SaaS platform that scales trust and belonging in the workplace by empowering employees to find, join and create vibrant interest-based communities. When community is clearly embedded in an organization’s culture, well-being, engagement and loyalty blossom – key components for boosting productivity and growth. For more information, visit https://www.mixr.net/.

About includeus

Includeus is a dynamic training and consultancy provider, improving the accessibility for all organizations to some of the best subject matter experts around. Supported by a leading team of trainers, consultants and guest speakers, they’re able to support clients at every point along their ED&I journey. Visit www.includeus.co.uk to find out more.

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