MixR EnlightenR, Patricia Bonaert, Featured on The Brand Called You Podcast

Exciting news! MixR EnlightenR, Patricia Bonaert, was recently featured on The Brand Called You Podcast

Patricia is a valued member of our Board of Directors and Advisors. As the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Expatkit, she provides support for families undergoing international transitions. She is also an active YPO spouse, where she has held many leadership roles and created various empowerment programs. Patricia is a strong advocate for the power of community at work and beyond. 

You can view the entire episode of The Brand Called You Podcast here. We’ve also included a few key takeaways below. 

Experiencing a new culture to the fullest extent 

Visiting or moving to a country can be overwhelming. Adapting to a new culture is not always easy. According to Patricia, the best way to experience a new culture to the fullest extent is to embrace it. Connect with a friend or a colleague from that culture that might share similar interests as you. Experience what life has to offer through their lens. In the meantime, it’s equally important to keep your own culture alive. Continue to celebrate your holidays and traditions as you enrich yourself with new ones. 

The power of community at work, and beyond 

Patricia gave us a valuable example of the powerful role community can play in boosting trust & belonging at work. To sum it up, say you’ve hired someone new from a different culture. They might not feel at ease right away in this new environment. However, what if they’re able to connect with someone else (or multiple people) over a shared interest and create a community around that interest? Suddenly, your new hire feels like they belong and can become more engaged and confident at work. 

Trust: The building block for relationships & growth 

Patricia is a firm believer in the power of trust & belonging at work and beyond. She remarks that trust is the foundation of all relationships. When trust exists, people open up and become their best selves. With this, safe spaces are created where anyone can belong, feel at ease and blossom. Specifically at work, high-trust environments translate to increased well-being, creativity, innovation and productivity.

If you’re interested in diving deeper, we highly encourage you to check out the full interview. We’ve also featured Patricia in the past, where she discussed our changing needs for fulfillment. Check out the full Q&A here

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about MixR, don’t hesitate to reach out or book a demo.

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