Mark Levy Talks Employee Experience and Workplace Communities on DisrupTV

In November, we introduced our newest advisor: Mark Levy. As the pioneer of the shift from HR to Employee Experience, Mark has focused his career on harnessing the talents and passions of employees – and he certainly knows a thing or two about the HR industry and how it has progressed over the years. For that reason, we’re incredibly honored and thrilled to have him on board our powerful group of advisors.

In case you missed it, Mark was recently invited to guest star on DisrupTV: a weekly web series by Constellation Research, hosted by R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar. The show focuses on leadership storytelling and highlights changing behaviors and business processes as a result of the pandemic. You can expect to hear stories from industry experts about lessons learned and long-term pivots. 

Mark’s conversation with the DisrupTV hosts shed light on many important pieces of advice that we think could be of use to any organization – big or small. Below, we’ve compiled a few key takeaways from the show, as well as some additional food for thought. 

Scaling trust through community-building  

In today’s digital world, it is imperative that business leaders and HR professionals find ways to guide employees and maintain human connection throughout the workplace. This is achieved by building trust and scaling this trust at every level of the organization through the intentional creation of communities. Communities are the perfect place for employees to stay connected, keep engaged, share ideas and bond with like-minded individuals. 

A top-down & bottom-up approach to company culture 

Excellent company cultures are those where the culture is democratized across all employees, in addition to the leaders authentically modeling the behaviors that bring the culture to life. Business leaders should act with a clear and compelling mission, and believe in the entire organization’s ecosystem to carry out that mission. To ensure that every part of the business is advancing your brand promise, hire employees that believe in your mission and are joining for the right reasons. In addition, two-way dialog and co-creation are the ways that employees are leveraged to help design the right approach to delivering on the company’s promise to its customers.

Technology as a competitive advantage

Companies everywhere are investing in technology that keeps their people connected, creates efficiencies and improves business processes. Adopting too many platforms can cause confusion and unwanted friction – leading to platform fatigue. However, prioritizing platforms that are quick to adopt and solve pressing problems such as the challenge of engagement, connection, trust, belonging and voice can truly create a competitive advantage.  When the offices open back up, it won’t be back to the usual. Rather, we’ll be entering some form of flexible work and we’ll need tools that will prepare us for this new normal.  

We hope you enjoyed these key takeaways from Mark’s DisrupTV appearance. If so, we highly encourage you to view the entire interview in video or podcast form. 

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