Key takeaways from Cecile’s interview with Dean Lindal

In case you missed it, our founder, Cecile, recently shared her insights into creating workplace communities with Dean Lindal of International Deal Gateway. The interview was featured as part of the company’s ‘5 Questions for our Experts’ series. 

The conversation sheds light on many highly relevant topics surrounding the workplace, culture, change and the power of community. We’ve compiled our key takeaways below, as well as some additional food for thought.

I- The importance of psychological safety for humans 

Psychological safety is to humans what power is to machines. When a machine runs out of power, it is easy to identify why it has shut down and begin addressing the issue immediately. However, it is nearly impossible to identify when a human lacks psychological safety until it is too late. To us at MixR, psychological safety means trust and belonging – and without it, we humans cannot reach our full potential for productivity, growth and innovation. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post that will further elaborate this idea. 

II- The need to successfully (and sustainably) embrace change 

Whether we like it or not, there is no escaping the rampant change and uncertainty of today’s world. We must embrace it, and the best way to do so is to scale trust and belonging. Communities in the workplace serve to re-humanize the workplace and instill a culture of resilience, trust and belonging. By breathing life back into their workplaces, organizations can successfully navigate change and set themselves up for success in the long run. 

III – The overwhelming impact of community on the workplace 

Organizations that prioritize community-building reap many benefits such as higher employee engagement and lower turnover. But that’s not all. Communities@work – as we call them at MixR – empower everyone at the organization to contribute to long-term value creation. Today, with the shift towards remote work especially, we believe a strong sense of community is the most important ingredient in an organization’s recipe for trust. 

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