Culture is the Destination, Community is the Journey: MixR’s CQ™

In late 2018, we started approaching companies about how they could use MixR, they said two magic words: Catalyzing culture.

We discovered that CEOs usually list three things as their greatest challenges:

1) Attracting and retaining top talent; 2) creating new business models in response to disruptive technologies; and 3) developing next-generation leaders. Nurturing an inclusive corporate culture is key to solving these challenges. But you can’t do that without building workplace community.

Many, many formats have arisen to help make employees feel connected to their companies:  Employee Resource Groups, affinity groups, clubs, volunteer opportunities, even karaoke. And many, many tools are utilized to help organize the formats: Slack, Google sheets, email, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and yes, even Facebook.

But everyone we spoke to still lacked an answer to the most basic question:  How effective is our company’s community building?

So MixR created the “CQ” or “Community Quotient™,” which is designed to measure ROI and function as an index of how your company is doing when it comes to building workplace community. In a world populated with young Millennials and Gen Z’s who will only work for companies who share their values, having a high “CQ” will soon become a seal of approval.

We built MixR on a platform of mutual safety and trust, and added a layer of gamification to drive interaction and keep things fun. And because we believe that, as humans, we are better together, we made it very easy for groups to interact in person and to be rewarded for doing so.

All the interactions we empower go into the CQ  bucket. We even use a built-in ratings system to derive a “happiness factor” for individuals, groups and the company overall. Group organizers and companies can establish goals, measure them in MixR, and watch their effect on the resulting CQ.

We know we’re on to something big. And we’re looking for a limited set of partners to help us test it.  We already have some amazing companies on board,. If you’re interested in joining us, please reach out to angela at mixr dot net – but hurry. Culture is the destination, but community is the journey – and we’re racing down the road, as fast as we can.

Angela Wilson Gyetvan handles strategic partnerships for MixR. Her 20+ year career in emerging businesses and tech includes executive positions with Electronic Arts, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Idealab and Evite. She serves on the Digital Committee for Women in Film, and is also a member of the Television Academy, where she sits on the Awards Working Group. She has lectured on digital and social media at both USC and UCLA, and has been a featured speaker at multiple industry conferences.

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