The annual CES show in Las Vegas once again proved to be an unparalleled display of the latest innovations across consumer technology. While flying cars and AI assistants grabbed headlines, some of our most insightful takeaways came from our unique experiences. Here are a few perspectives from the MixR team:

AI Overload or Overlooked Consequences?

For Dominique, one negative stood out amid the AI frenzy: "All everyone was pitching was AI as if it was a new thing. Companies are blindly following the trend regardless of whether it is relevant and more importantly regardless of the consequences." He likened this herd mentality to the French expression "moutons de Panurge" - blind conformity.

Each year's CES seems to have one dominant theme that companies latch onto, perhaps overlooking important considerations in the rush to stay on-trend. As AI capabilities continue expanding, the ethics and impacts surrounding the technology deserve careful scrutiny beyond the glamor of the latest product developments.

Unmatched Business Opportunities

On the upside, CES provided invaluable opportunities to build new connections. "Everybody is at CES so it was a great way to network" noted Dominique. Being a CTA member also helped MixR connect and gain visibility via exclusive sessions, lounges, and networking events.

Brett appreciated "The expansion into more B2B areas of business and such a strong emphasis on the future of work and diversity within organizations." The talk tracks, with insightful speakers open to further discussion, were also a highlight.

Constant Download of Innovation

Perhaps capturing the spirit of CES best was Cecile's perspective: "The feeling of ingesting new ideas/new tech/new people every second of the show - on the floor, at talk tracks, in private meetings, at parties." While not-to-miss spectacles like the, debatably practical, flying car grabbed eyeballs, the true energy comes from the cross-pollination of thinkers and makers.

"It's amazing to see how creative humans can be and how we are all furthering our lives through technology," added Brett, amazed at the event's "overall size and magnitude."

Year after year, CES proves to be an unmatched opportunity to glimpse the future. But beyond just the glitzy product debuts, it's a chance to engage with the ideas, people, and ecosystem driving the boundaries of innovation. While AI's prominence raised some concerns, the opportunities for learning, networking and inspiration left a strong impression on the MixR team as we charge forward into 2024.


MixR Team


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