Bring your D&I initiatives to life with Belonging & Trust

Organizations of all shapes and sizes have worked hard to boost the diversity of their workforces and maintain an inclusive workplace culture. However, these diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies often fall short as they apply too much focus on the talent pipeline and overlook internal factors such as sense of belonging, trust and psychological safety. 

At MixR, we’re on a mission to scale belonging and trust (B&T) in the workplace – essential ingredients for success in our world of continuous change and uncertainty. Many studies have shown that when employees feel a sense of belonging in the workplace, they perform better and are more likely to stay at an organization (Harvard Business Review). What’s more? Developing belonging and trust will bring your D&I initiatives to life.

On that note, we’re excited to introduce our new framework: from D&I to D&I-B&T. When these two concepts work in harmony, diversity initiatives in the workplace will thrive – creating better outcomes for both your people and your organization. 

To us, B&T means feeling secure, included and accepted in any environment. To incorporate B&T into your D&I strategy, it is crucial to provide opportunities for your people to connect and form strong bonds and trusting relationships. These interactions should not be limited to specific work functions and teams, and rather expand beyond traditional roles to focus on interests and common traits. Always listen to others, learn from your peers and enter interactions with an open mind, and you’ll begin to feel B&T in no time. 

Harnessing the power of community 

We believe in the power of community to harness the B&T that is necessary to create an inclusive workplace. Each employee should feel empowered to be their true, authentic selves in the workplace – irrespective of their differences. These differences should be embraced and recognized as a powerful tool for building strong, safe and non-judgemental communities. It’s all about allowing employees to find common ground beyond their work responsibilities – and that’s exactly what MixR brings to the table.  

The benefits are endless for employees and the organization: when community is clearly embedded in an organization’s culture, well-being, engagement and loyalty blossom – key components for boosting productivity and growth. Only when D&I and B&T co-exist can an organization provide better outcomes for both its people and its bottom line.

If you’re an organization looking to bring your D&I initiatives to life, MixR may be right for you. Feel free to connect with us to learn more. 

MixR Team



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