BeAngels to Host Powerful Network of Investors on Community-Building Platform, MixR

BRUSSELS, Belgium — BeAngels, one of the largest Business Angel networks in Europe focused on seed and early-stage funding, has chosen MixR to host its widespread community of experienced investors. Thanks to MixR, BeAngels members will be able to stay in touch with their peers, and keep their community active and engaged during the unique circumstances brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

MixR is the leading community-building platform on a mission to scale trust and belonging at work and across professional networks. The simple to use SaaS platform empowers professional and employee networks alike to scale, streamline and strengthen their community-building efforts. Members have the ability to form lasting and meaningful relationships around shared-interests – increasing mutual trust, engagement, collaboration and connection across the board.   

With the uptick in remote work due to the pandemic, MixR is a unique solution to create synergy and increase connection between members of the same network. BeAngels is no longer able to organize in person events, and as a result, it is crucial for them to continue to provide members with opportunities to exchange information about their investments, market trends and best practices. Without this, the value of having a network of investors is lost. 

“We’ve chosen MixR to take BeAngels to new heights and provide our members with a way to connect in a more intimate and authentic way. A thriving professional network must act as a community: a group of people who care for and support one another. We’re committed to creating a relationship-driven network rooted in camaraderie, trust and belonging. In everything we do, our goal is to give our members what they need to succeed and be satisfied in their personal and professional lives. As a result, BeAngels has evolved into more than just a network and we’re excited to continue on this journey with MixR by our side,” said Claire Munck, CEO, BeAngels. 

BeAngels’ network of more than 370 experienced investors can now house their existing groups centered around specific verticals, topics (e.g. heath, digital, women investing), and organize their forums and networking events on MixR – all within a safe and private space to connect on a deeper basis. Thanks to MixR’s interest-based algorithm, members will be able to discover like-minded individuals across the network and form authentic communities around these interests. In addition, investors will have a place to continue supporting the start-ups they invested in and stay directly in touch with their co-investors – extending their ability to make a lasting impact. This is an exciting step for BeAngels and MixR, two women-led and purpose-driven organizations that believe in the power of community to kickstart growth and innovation.

“The strength of a network lies in its ability to engage, nurture trust, ensure confidentiality and empower members to actively contribute and support one another. MixR is designed to maximize the frequency and quality of interactions between members by allowing them to create and manage interest-centric groups and events. We’re thrilled to be working with BeAngels, a fellow purpose-driven organization that shares our values, to transform their network and provide a place for relationships and trust to flourish. We look forward to watching them continue to grow and make a lasting impact on the world of early-stage investing in Europe,” said Cecile Moulard, Co-Founder & Servant CEO, MixR. 

About BeAngels 

BeAngels is one of the largest Business Angels networks in Europe with more than 370 investors. Based in Belgium, BeAngels connects brilliant entrepreneurs with experienced investors. For more than 20 years, BeAngels has played a key role in the growth of early-stage companies across Belgium –  having invested more than 50 million Euros across 350 companies – all the while supporting the creation of additional value and jobs.

For more information, visit Contact: Margaux Evenepoel 

About MixR 

MixR is a SaaS platform that enhances trust, belonging & psychological safety in the workplace. MixR empowers members to join, create and manage vibrant interest-centric communities, and gives organizations the ability to measure their growth and impact.

For more information, visit Contact: Margaux Elias

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