MixR turns potential into power

MixR transforms any employee group into self-organizing, employee-driven communities, where strong connections are forged, in-person action is encouraged, and any member can take a leadership role.
You will be in good company:

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… And surfaces next-gen leadership

Studies have shown that lack of development is the #1 danger to employee and community member retention.
Because MixR is non-hierarchical and allows any member of a group to assume a leadership role, it’s easy for new talent to step forward and show off their skills – so your organization can take notice.

Why join MixR now?

Activate Your Members

In a MixR group, employees can safely connect, converse, make plans and organize their own mixr events. MixR allows to share responsibility and delegate tasks.

Measure Your Impact

MixR has developed a groundbreaking metric: The CQ – Community Quotient. CQ is calculated by measuring each workplace communities’ contribution to the organization’s culture.

Diversity is in our DNA

We are very serious about diversity. Biases are present everywhere, even in the way we code. Because we know, we cannot unknow. At MixR, we fight algorithm bias by every means possible.

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