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Whether you're running an Employee Resource Group (ERG),
a female forward Nonprofit or an interest-based Network
MixR turns your communities into powerhouses of engagement and interaction.
And you will be in good company:

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Stop using platforms that don’t empower you

MixR gives you a safe, secure space where you can organize the way women do: to get s**t done. The perfect platform for female empowerment organizations and for motivating employees to stay engaged, MixR is also structured to encourage your members to connect in person and put your goals in action – because humans are better when we are doing, together.
[Plus it’s completely free to use.]
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Why you should join MixR?

Activate Your Members

In a MixR group, members can connect, converse, post media, make plans and organize their own events. MixR allows you to share responsibility, delegate tasks, and even connect with other groups with similar affinities, interests and goals.

Measure Your Impact

MixR gives you the tools to track participation in your initiatives. Creating events is a snap, and MixR manages RSVP’s and rewards attendance. MixR can help you improve your company’s D&I rankings and help you gain more funding for your group or employee resource network.

Safe and Secure

Unlike on other platforms (hello, Facebook!), YOU are not the product. MixR does not sell or use your data for targeting, and members’ identities are vetted. And there’s no Big Brother looking over your shoulder.

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