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Why do I have to enter my child’s birthday information?

Il est facile de faire participer vos enfants à vos mixrs. Nous avons simplement besoin de recueillir la date de naissance de votre enfant / enfant pour des mesures de sécurité.

Organizer Rating:

As an organizer , members get to rate groups and their experience at mixrs. We encourage to create meaningful, relevant and memorable experiences to foster engaging relationships with members.

Building Trust and Credibility: Trust

MixR is fostering a culture of mutual trust, respect and appreciation for one another. Being positively active and engaged helps increase Trust level with the rest of the community.

Why is the profile covered up?Puzzle

Creating a safe environment is what MixR is all about. The first piece of safety is to know one another. So, in order to help us validate the member Identity, the profile should be completed .

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