"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"

- Albert Einstein

What is MixR?

MixR is the community engagement engine for women-driven networks.

We empower members to organically grow communities by giving those members co-authorship over local gatherings. Our web and mobile platform is free, simple and easy to use technology that brings people together over content and live-events... engaging with each other in the real world. We help the organizers and members of women’s networking groups share the task of community engagement so that organizers can focus on serving their member’s needs and members can focus on creating magnetic environments that amplify their interests and passions.

We are the catalyst that drives genuine participation, local leadership and growth for women’s networking groups across the globe.

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Local Communities

Boost fundraising by actively engaging your members

Connect in-person over shared interests

Increase your member involvement by sharing authorship

Safe, Trusted & Mindful Environment

Amplify your local impact by enabling local leadership

Nurture Local Leadership

Engage your members by harnessing their interests & talents

We got you covered!

Add MixR to Home screen

Whether you prefer using our website, or need quick and easy access from your phone, we got you covered. All functionalities are available on both platforms.


Now is the time for a new “Leadership au Féminin”

Let’s redefine leadership

When women are fully empowered and engaged, all of society benefits!

At MixR we believe leadership is for everyone, not just for those with a title, status, wealth or power. Leadership is embedded into our daily lives. It exists at home within our families, at play, at workplaces, in communities, at church, in schools...

Tap into your members’ skills, talents and leadership abilities, and empower local female leadership, thus amplifying your organization’s growth and community-level impact...together.

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