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Getting Started with MixR

Why do I need a personal profile on MixR?

Well … you need to create a personal profile because MixR is about building community and relationships. We want everyone on the platform to be using the site as an individual, not just as an organization. The first component of safety is to know one another so that we can nurture real human relations. Wonderful organizations have wonderful people to help them grow!

I want to create a group for an organization, why do I need to create a personal profile?

On MixR, above all you are a person. The first step is about you creating your personal profile. The second step is about you creating a group for the organization you represent. No worries: you can share leadership responsibilities by choosing as many co-organizers as you want and you can easily transfer your role as a group organizer to another person on the team if you do not want to assume this role anymore. In addition, when you want to join another MixR group in your area, you will certainly prefer to join it using your own name.

At what age can I register to MixR ?

13 is the minimum age to be a MixR user (join a group, co-organize a group, suggest, or plan a mixr within a group). 18 is the minimum age to organize a group. But it goes without saying that if, for example, the group is about wine tasting, then you have to be at least 21 to be involved. In the end, it is the group organizer who has final authority on setting an age limit for her or his group’s members.

What is the difference between MixR and mixr?

“MixR” is the name of our platform: our brand. When in lower case “mixr” refers to the in-person gathering organized within a group. This is where conversations happen.

The Account Settings and Profile Corner

How can I change my email?

From the menu, click “My settings” and then “My account.” Select “Change Email Address” and proceed with the change. After you have saved your changes, an email will be sent to the new address to validate it. Voilà!

I have not received my email validation. What’s the problem?

Oops. Sorry about that ! First, go to your Spam folder to make sure our email has not landed there. Then, go to “My Settings,” scroll down to “My Account Settings” and make sure that you have given us the correct email address. If all else fails, contact us

I do not receive Mixr's emails and I have nothing in Spam

Check that our address is not in the blocked senders list. If it is, please add it to authorized senders. Our emails should now be getting to you!

Not sure how to unlock our address or to add us to authorized senders? Here are a few links that should help if you’re using one of the main email providers: Outlook Mac; Outlook Web App;; Gmail; Yahoo mail; iCloud; AOL

How do I change my password?

Easy peasy! From the menu, click “My settings” and scroll down to “My Account Settings.” Select “Change Password” and proceed with the change. Remember to save any change you’ve made.

I lost my password and I made a mistake in my email. How can I log in?

Ouch! If you entered the wrong email you won’t be able to validate your account and you won’t be able to reset your password. But don’t go! Just re-create a new account with the right email.

How can I make sure my information is private?

Safety is our priority. In “My Profile” you can make each item public or private by clicking on the Public/Private button. The only exceptions are for email, password, mobile number and birthdate … because they are already private by default.

The MixR Member’s Corner

Can I send a private message to a member or a group organizer ?

Absolutely! Because we want to protect you from spammers, the condition to send a private message is to belong to the same group. Within a group, when you click on any profile picture, at the right of the members name, there is an envelope icon: click on it, write your nice and sweet message and hit send! To reach out to the group organizer, you have an additional option available: when you are a member of the group, on the group page, the group organizer’s picture is displayed on the left part of the screen. This is where you find the envelope icon.

I have a great idea for a mixr. How can I manifest it?

Awesome, this is exactly the kind of collaboration we’re here to facilitate! Any member can suggest a mixr gathering to the groups she belongs to. If approved, you will become the mixr organizer. You can in turn assign a mixr co-organizer to assist you with your vision.

A friend told me about her group/mixr but I can’t find it!

The easiest way is to ask your friend to invite you, which she can do directly from the group page. The second easiest is to search for the group name in the search box. It works best if you enter the exact name of the group. If there are several groups with the same name, try refining your search by entering the city where the group is held.

I can’t find a group in “Search”

Ah! It may be a Secret Group! This means it is only visible to those who have been officially invited. If you can’t find it, it must be because 1) You haven’t been invited (and you may want to check in with the group organizer) OR 2) You forgot to accept the invite OR 3) Your invite is in your spam folder.

How can I set up my profile to see groups and mixrs in locations other than my primary one?

The mixr gatherings that will show up automatically for you are based on the interests you have listed in your profile and your current location. But you can search for mixrs in any location. Let’s say you’re going on vacation to Sweet Lips, TN, or Cranky Corner, LA (real town names, btw). Just manually specify the location in the location tab.

I’d like to find new mixrs. How do I search for them?

It depends on whether you’re logged in or logged out. When you’re logged in, our brilliant algorithms will automatically suggest mixrs based on your interests, however geolocation needs to be turned on. When you’re logged out, the search will not take into account your interests. It will display groups and mixrs based on your location only (again, provided geolocation is activated). You will need to manually enter your interests. On desktop: Go to “Home Page” and adjust “Location” and “Radius.” On web app: Go to 🔎 and adjust “Location” and “Radius.” Note that the location service will only work if you have activated geolocation in your browser. If not, you will also have to manually enter the city.

How do you know my location?

Easy: either you accept to be localized (a question will pop-up when you are using the service). If you click on “OK”, your search result will be tip top. If you refuse geolocalisation, we can only use a very approximative area based on the IP address of the device you are using. Results will be less relevant.

I have selected “don’t allow” location services and now I cannot go back

Bummer! Turning back on location services when you have selected “don’t allow” is different for every device. You need to search online “Turn on location services” followed by the name of your device.

How can I improve my trust score?

Trust is earned and extremely valued on MixR. Your trust level is built on your online presence and offline MixR commitment. You can improve it by being active, suggesting mixrs, volunteering your time and skills for a group and engaging positively with other group members and mixr participants. You can see your trust score on your profile page, it is represented through the “Clover Leaf Icon” below your profile picture.

How can I improve my identity score?

Thank you for asking! MixR is all about safety: the more members know about you, the safer they feel sharing groups and mixrs with you. Your identity score can be improved mainly by completing “My Profile” and by having people clicking on “I know this member” when they go to your profile.

I can’t download your app on my Smartphone. What’s going on?

Ooops. That should be easy. Let’s make sure you got our instructions right:
If you’re still having trouble, please contact us

The Organizer’s Corner

How is MixR concretely helping me to engage my group members ?

Ah! MixR allows you to easily create local mixr gatherings “for” your members and “with” your member … as if they were part of your team: they can suggest mixrs, they can co-create mixrs with you, they can volunteer their time or their skill … and they can also just attend the mixrs you are organizing! After the event, your members can continue the conversation on MixR to stay engaged in between events. You also can empower your members to establish micro-communities in their local area to stay connected. Or if you would like to grow in other cities, you can enable your members to establish local chapters in their cities.

What if I do not want to manage my group anymore ?

Easy. You can transfer your group at anytime. Either you can pick one person within your group or you can invite your group members to step up. On your group page, click on “Group Tools” on the desktop or on the 3 blue dots on the web-app (upper right corner), select “Transfer this Group” and follow the process.

How can I change my group location?

No problem. Go to your group page. Click on “Group Tools” on the desktop or on the 3 blue dots on the web-app (upper right corner), select “Edit Group.” Scroll down to “Confirm or change the hometown of your group” and change location. Save. Done!

I’m a nomad. How can I create groups in different locations (cities, countries)?

Sounds like fun! You can either create different groups in different cities, or you can have one “headquarter group” and plan multiple mixrs in multiple cities. Currently, MixR is only available in the U.S. but we are working on taking over the globe.

I’m trying to upload pictures to my group/mixr

Easy peasy! On desktop: Log in. Go to your group page. Select the “Photos” tab. Select “Add photo”. You can upload up to 5 photos at a time, with a maximum of 20Mb for each five pictures. It should be plenty enough!

What’s the difference between a public group, a private group, and a secret group?

  • Public: The content is visible to all, members and visitors included.
  • Private: Members’ names and discussions are visible only to members of this group/mixr. To identify a Private Group, a little cute mask is displayed on the search list and on the group page.
  • Secret: No one is able to see your group except the members you have invited. To identify a Secret Group, a little cute lock is displayed on the search list and on the group page.

The tricky thing is that you can switch from Public to Private, or even Secret. But you have no way to go from Private to Public! Worth thinking about when you set up your group.

Can I easily get help to run my group and/or my mixr?

Yes. As an empowered leader, you may opt for an expanded leadership team and assign any of your group members to become a group co-organizer or assistant. Go to your group page, select 'Group Tools,' then 'Manage Roles.' Select a member. Click 'Next' and assign a role. For additional tools and suggestions, please refer to the Community Guidelines.

What exactly are the organizer’s roles and rights?

Your role as a group organizer is crucial. You are the central nervous system of the group and some things only you can decide.

If you need help to manage your group, we’ve made it easy! You can select a co-organizer or an assistant--Consider them as your Leadership Team. Below is a detailed table describing how you can empower them to help manage your group and your mixrs (the “Manage Roles” button is available from the blue “Group Tools” tab).

How can your Group Leadership Team help you?

Organizer Co-Organizer Assistant
Plan a mixr
Modify description, photo and interests
Edit group members photos and comments
Pin posts
Access to group dashboard
Modify group cover photo
Approve mixr suggestions by members
Approve new members requests
Suspend a member from your group
Remove a member from your group
Modify name, country, city of your group
Manage groups members’ roles
Transfer / delete your group
Modify settings (age, privacy…)

How can your mixr Leadership Team help you?

Mixr Organizer Co-Organizer
Modify mixr description, photo and interests
Modify date
Edit participants photos/comments
Modify price
Modify location
Modify external website link
Manage participants’ roles
Cancel mixr

Just in Case...The Disputes Corner

How to deal with a trouble-making group member?

Every member can report another member at anytime… but remember that you can always communicate privately with a member before taking any action. As a group organizer, you have two additional options: 1)you can suspend a member and you can reinstate this member, 2) If necessary, you can also remove a member from your group. All these features are available by going to your group page. Select ''Members.'' Go to the member’s picture and select the ''More Options'' icon (the three stacked dots). Select appropriate option.

I’ve been unjustly expelled from a group or mixr. Who do I go to?

Our trust in local leadership means that the group organizer does have final authority on this matter. If she has suspended you for reasons you don’t understand, you may contact her, have a civil conversation, and try asking if she’ll agree to reinstate you. If she has removed you from her group, it must be because you haven’t heeded prior attempts at amiable resolution, and you cannot contact her or take any action to be reinstated.

Generally speaking, we do believe that mutual respect and civility in all situations, even challenging ones, are inseparable from the safety that MixR is committed to!

How do I block or report organizers, group members or mixr participants?

Go to your group or mixr page. Select ''Members'' on your group page / ''Participants'' on your mixr page. Select the ''More Options'' icon (the three stacked dots). You can choose between report, suspend or remove the member / participant.

The Safety and Legalities Corner

Why do you need my birth date?

For your and your children’s safety, we need to verify that you are at least 13 years old in order to register with MixR. That being said, your birthdate is by default private. If you wish to make it public, go to “My Profile”, scroll down to your birthdate and click on the Public button.

Who can see the information I share on my profile page? In my group? In my mixr?

Your call! On your profile page you get to pick what information is public and what information is private. When logged in, go to “My Profile”, and click on the public/private button for each question of your profile.

For groups and mixrs, it depends on the level of visibility defined when has been created. If the group is Public, the content is visible to all members and visitors. If the group is Private, only the group members have access to the entire content. Non-members can only see the name of the group or mixr, its description, and its interests. If the group is Secret, only people invited to this group can see the group.

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