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May 19 2020, 4:26pm Cecile Moulard:

Hi everyone: Just a short message to ask how you are holding up and if you found smart ways to make this unprecedented situation work for you and tour community. Stay safe and be well 🌈

    Jan 15 2020, 7:37pm Hugo Henry joined this group

      Oct 14 2019, 2:47pm Angela Gyetvan :

      MixR is developing a workshop on building community in companies.  It's full of fun best practices gleaned from leaders in the biz.  Even better, we're offering it for free.  If you're interested in bringing it to your co, send me a message. 

        Oct 3 2019, 8:36pm Angela Gyetvan :

        Hi, ladies (and allies!) - sorry for the late response - we've been super busy!  But the winner of our programming poll was:  Offline Office Hours!  Am working on our first one, and will make an announcement shortly.  Thank you!

          Sep 12 2019, 5:37pm Shaina Poulard joined this group

            Aug 28 2019, 2:00pm Angela Gyetvan :

            I THINK I know where we're going. Aren't you curious? Gimme a few more responses, and then I'll make the big reveal next week:

              Aug 23 2019, 1:03pm Angela Gyetvan :

              It's FriYAY, y'all! And we need a few more answers to our survey, because we've got a TIE going on! Three questions - answer, and then get on with the weekend.

                Aug 21 2019, 1:13pm Angela Gyetvan :

                It's THREE QUESTIONS, ladies - but they will help us determine our programming direction, and possibly YOUR future. Please take the survey:

                  Aug 20 2019, 11:18am Angela Gyetvan :

                  Got the FOMO? Well, you might - unless you respond to this short survey about our programming kickoff for this group:
                  https://angelagyetvan.typeform.com/to/fnfI6l Don't be the last to know!

                    Aug 19 2019, 8:04pm Angela Gyetvan :

                    Hey, tech ladies! We're planning some programming for this group, and very much want to know what you'd like to do first. Please fill out our poll - just click the link.  And thank you!


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                        Aug 15 2019, 5:20pm Marina Romanova:

                        Hi Everyone! Our partner The Riveter is providing a discount code for the MixR Community to their upcoming event with their fab founder Amy Nelson Comment below if you're interested in getting this code.

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                              Jul 24 2019, 8:50pm Nilima Achwal:

                              Hello female impact founders and social entrepreneurs of Athena.LA!

                              Announcing...BRAINSTORM LAB,
                              a fun, fast, and loving container to discuss your need-of-the-moment while creating a business and social impact.

                              us (The Female Founders Lab and Brainstorm Quicky) for a 30 MINUTE
                              BRAINSTORM, via Zoom call, to talk about your brand, business model, or
                              anything else.


                              DM me if you have any questions!
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