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    Oct 30 2019, 5:51pm Audrey Rochas:

    Hello Ladies!
    I'm launching Womentoring, a mentoring program in which mentors are only women. However, we need data to design the programs. Would you mind answering a short survey to help us?
    Thanks for your help!

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          Aug 15 2019, 5:18pm Marina Romanova:

          Hi Gals! Our partner The Riveter is providing a discount code for the MixR Community to their upcoming event with their fab founder Amy Nelson. Comment if you want me to get the code 👇


            Aug 13 2019, 12:47pm Audrey Rochas:

            Catching up with my reading, I found this article. I thought you might be interested...

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                          Jul 24 2019, 8:33pm Heidi Burns Hilton:

                          Girls Night with free Goodie Bags!

                          Come join this Girls Night Focus Group with an Indie Beauty Brand that's centered around non toxic beauty products.

                          Come hungry, food & beverage will be provided. 

                          Participation is limited, RSVP this week!! 



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