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Alisa Arvind

Yesterday, 5:09am Alisa Arvind:

Such a pleasure to be a part of this group :) 

Alisa Arvind

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Layla Khamoushian

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Lori Sortino

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Tatjana Luethi

Jun 23 2018, 6:36pm Tatjana Luethi:

Awaken your Fierce Feminine Intelligence at the FemmeQ Summit!

Ladies, being a MixR member comes with perks! For those of you who are interested we are able to offer you a 50% discount to the FemmeQ summit next week. Click link for details. Your discount code will be – MixR50:

FemmeQ is coming to the United States this June 26 – 27, 2018. If you are ready to awaken your fierce feminine intelligence, and want to move mountains then this is for you. From Berlin, to London and now, to Los Angeles, FemmeQ is a powerful gathering of 200+ change makers putting FemmeQ into action. This is a co-ed event.

Jessica Morales CHt

Jun 21 2018, 8:40pm Jessica Morales CHt:

Tatjana, you and the ladies were simply amazing last night! Stay beYOUtiful all of you in this group!

Jessica Morales CHt

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Kala Maxym

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Kathy McDevitt

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Tatjana Luethi

Jun 16 2018, 6:37pm Tatjana Luethi:

Hello lovely ladies. Please note, I have the pleasure to offer a 50% discount to any of you who would like to attend the FemmeQ summit that is happening on June 26-27, 2018 in Los Angeles. Here is a quick overview. Contact me directly to receive the 50% discount code:

Pauline Crawford-Omps

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Tatjana Luethi

May 11 2018, 10:51pm Tatjana Luethi:

Please spread the word! MixR is hiring an Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper for their Santa Monica location.

Come and join the MixR Family! MixR is busy changing the world and needs you to make it happen!

If you believe that business can be a vehicle to make a difference then MixR is for you (! MixR is a social-impact, purpose-driven, women-driven, community-oriented company, with an ambitious growth objective over the next 5 years. They want to do good and do well.

For details and how to apply visit job description here:

Geraldine Gouzerh

May 6 2018, 8:48pm Geraldine Gouzerh quit the group.

Geraldine Gouzerh

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Tatjana Luethi

Apr 15 2018, 7:08pm Tatjana Luethi:

Hi Everyone, I want to share the MixR COMMUNITY GUIDELINES with you all. MixR’s mission is to help women and like-minded people to amplify their social impact on a local and global scale. We want all members to feel safe, trusted, respected and engaged when using MixR, so MixR has developed these guidelines to outline the kind of culture we want to create with one another, one where we shape the kind of behavior that is supportive and speaks to each other’s growth and greatness.

Please take a moment to read them, then I invite you to share your thoughts:

– What has come up / opened up for you within the conversation about these guidelines for engagement? Take a few minutes to reflect and share any thought, insight, revelation, and or question that has come up for you.

Nilima Bhat

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Barbara Gorohovski

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