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Dec 5 2019, 3:51pm Angela Gyetvan :

Just a reminder that MoveOn is setting up Impeachment Rallies for the night before the House votes on impeachment. You can sign up for LA rallies here:

    Nov 27 2019, 12:46pm Angela Gyetvan :

    Thought you’d enjoy this Tweet. Indeed, we have much to be thankful for. Have a great Thanksgiving, and let’s begin prepping for #2020! 

      Nov 6 2019, 1:38pm Angela Gyetvan :

      And lest you think POUNDING THE PAVEMENT doesn't matter ... 

        Nov 6 2019, 12:49pm Angela Gyetvan :

        Hi there - I'm SOOO excited about the election results in VA. Congrats to everyone who postcarded and called - it worked! I worked on the Ghazala Hashmi campaign and the Rodney Willet campaign with Tech for Campaigns (copywriter for both their websites), and I'm thrilled with their wins - especially with Ghazala's win as the first Muslim woman elected to statewide office in VA. W00t! https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/469165-ghazala-hashmi-becomes-first-muslim-woman-elected-to-virginias-state

          Nov 2 2019, 4:56am Angela Gyetvan :

          Remind you of anyone? 

            Oct 29 2019, 9:57pm Angela Gyetvan :

            Well, #PavementPounders, looks like we have some work to do.

              Oct 25 2019, 12:20pm Angela Gyetvan :

              Trouble in Katie Hill-ville, unfortunately - but luckily our iconic Katie Porter keeps knocking it out of the park. https://newrepublic.com/article/155268/house-representative-katie-porter-schools-ben-carson-orea-jamie-dimon

                Oct 23 2019, 8:24pm Angela Gyetvan :

                  Sep 24 2019, 10:59am Angela Gyetvan :

                  Spread the word. It's #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
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