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      Sep 11 2019, 11:00pm Rebecca Morando:

      Good evening, everyone!!

      Here are some more buzz words that are trending in the fashion world today!!

      Let us know what you think. More to come!

        Sep 10 2019, 4:07pm Michele Dal Cin:

        Hello group, my name is Michèle. I come from the TV business, but recently launched a new brand of compression socks. I am pleased to be part of this community as I have a lot to learn!
        I have been struggling with deciding on a packaging style for our socks. I like simplicity, but I am hoping to come up with a fun, innovative and eco-friendly solution that would work for online sales and brick and mortar stores. 
        This is a link to my website: in case anyone is interested in taking a look.
        Thank you in advance for any input.

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            Sep 3 2019, 10:19pm Rebecca Morando:

            Hi everyone!
            We hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend!! Here are more buzz words. Let us know what you think!

              Aug 29 2019, 10:51pm Rebecca Morando:

              Calling all Fashion For Profit members...

              Fashion For Profit is the fashion industry’s leading resource for turning concepts and businesses into a profitable reality. Help us by telling us what you think.

              Please take 3 minutes to share your thoughts on what you'd like to see next and how we can help create community among professionals in the fashion industry.


              Thank you!!

              PS. When you fill out the survey you will be entered into a drawing where 1 lucky winner will receive either a 30 min FREE consultation with Frances Harder, or the FFP Business Start Up Package (includes the FFP book, branding for profit, costing for profit, and forms for profit).

              Responses must be submitted by Saturday 9/7 at 11:59 PST. Winner will be emailed on Monday 9/9. Local to the United States only.

              Rebecca Morando
              FFP Social Media Manager

                Aug 28 2019, 5:36pm Scott Yang:

                Hi everyone!

                Glad to find this group. Quick self-introduction. I came from a very different side of the fashion business. I'm a co-founder of a fashion-tech startup called UnoKiwi ( We offer an app where you can design on each fabric piece and see final product previews, and then order and receive the final product.

                The mobile app (Android/iOS) just launched a few weeks ago, the revenue model is reasonable, but now we need help connecting to our target audience: designers, artists, and semi-professionals. And now, here I am! 😆

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                    Aug 27 2019, 10:31pm Rebecca Morando:

                    Hi everyone!
                    More buzz words to come as this is only 6 of 25 significant words.
                    What do you think?

                      Aug 27 2019, 6:42pm Anne Devlin:

                      Hi All!

                      New Message, with a voting link!!

                      I'm a dress designer, and founder of Classiqu Era.


                      I am participating in an event called "Pitch Fest", operated by a group called "She Angels", ( a group of women investors supporting women-owned businesses!). I am gathering votes, in order to pitch before the committee, for both money and guidance.

                      The top six founders will get to pitch LIVE, and I am definitely in the running. In order to be chosen as one of the six, I need VOTES!! It's easy to vote, and I need as many votes as possible.

                      Here it is, the voting link!


                      Click on the link, scroll down to the "Vote Now" button. Click on that and vote for Classiqu Era--please give me 5 stars! (I am the first company listed)

                      THANK YOU. The more we support each other, the farther we all go!

                      Thank you all, so very much! Let me know if you voted? Anne


                        Aug 27 2019, 12:23am Rebecca Morando:

                        Hi everyone!!
                        Here are some more buzz words!!
                        Let me know if you predicted some of these words to be on here!

                          Aug 26 2019, 11:24pm Robert Krieger:

                          Hey Everyone!  There's confusion (from the number of email messages and phone calls that I've gotten in the past few days) about the China tariffs.  Please let me know if you need help, or know someone who needs help. 


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                              Aug 26 2019, 6:25pm Paul Brindley:

                              Hi Everyone.

                              I have a client that needs some look books reprinted. We are looking for a good balance of quality and affordability. Do you  a print shop that you would recommend?

                              Thanks, Paul

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