#DYAO Campaign Disclaimer

Important information regarding #DYAO (Dance Your A** Off) with MixR for Women’s History Month

Dance Your A** Off Campaign (“#DYAO Campaign”) is a voluntary activity undertaken to accomplish the charitable purposes of Statierra Corp dba MixR’s (“The Company”) Cause Fund by raising awareness of and funds for the empowerment of women. As with any activity, there is a risk of injury (or even death) from participating in, or acting as a spectator to, the #DYAO Campaign. Participants in and spectators to the #DYAO Campaign are advised to carefully consider any health issues, environmental/location concerns and other factors and/or unforeseen hazards that might adversely impact the ability to undertake the #DYAO Campaign safely.

Individuals participating in the #DYAO Campaign (each a “Participant”) do so at their own election and at their own risk, and by their participation agree (on their own behalf and on behalf of anyone else who might make a claim in their place) to waive, release and discharge The Company, and to indemnify, hold harmless and agree not to sue The Company and its affiliates and representatives for any loss, liability, cost, damages (including reasonable attorney’s fees) or other claims that might arise from or in relation to their participation in the #DYAO Campaign, whether due to negligence or otherwise. Participants are encouraged to consult their health care providers with any questions regarding how the #DYAO Campaign might affect their health, and any Participants under the age of 18 should obtain permission from a parent/guardian. The Company is not responsible for, and specifically disclaims responsibility for, any loss, injury liability, cost, damages or other claims arising from or in relation to the #DYAO Campaign.

The Company has no control over the actions of Participants or spectators to any #DYAO Campaign, the location in which an #DYAO Campaign is undertaken or the method by which the #DYAO Campaign is conducted. Participants or spectators that require first aid and/or other medical treatment or related services in relation to an injury or illness that arises in connection with participation in the #DYAO Campaign remain solely and exclusively responsible for and all liability or claims arising out of or in relation to such treatment and/or services.

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