Covid-19 is over, what's next?

We were not ready for a pandemic: the shock is unprecedented for organizations. Now, we must prepare for the end of the crisis.

Once back-to-the-office, people will have a lot to discuss and reflect upon: the economic plunge, the loss of a relative, confinement, isolation, but also new ideas, new desires … How to deal with these new fears and expectations?

Let's turn this crisis into a catalyst of positive change: explore communities@work powered by MixR to create belongingness, employee peer-support and psychological safety.

MixR in a Nutshell

Remote work solutions

Build interests-centric communities

Give your employees the power to create communities around something they care about: back-to-office support groups, women in tech, basketball, you name it!

Restore psychological safety

Few things are as detrimental to good morale as loneliness, isolation and fear: give your employees the ability to create their own antidote through community.

Improve Employee Wellness

Keep your finger on the pulse

MixR’s powerful annalytics let you acquire actionable insights into your employees morale and engagement while protecting the privacy of your communities and members.

employee engagement and employee satisfaction

Build for the future

Communities@work will form the backbone of your organization and become the new normal to protect your employee’s wellness and drive engagement in a time of constant change.

Get 3 months of free community@work

This offer applies to any organization seeking to build support and trust among their employees in the long run.