There’s a new battle on the horizon, and many women are not aware of it

We’ve been hearing a lot recently about how the world is unbalanced, and we at MixR feel that very strongly when we meet the women (mostly) and men who are attracted to our mission. We see how male – or masculine – influence and power leads organizational models, power structures within companies and organizations, and even technological algorithms that direct what we consume online without our knowledge.

We believe that the beauty of the world is achieved not through the superiority of one over the other but rather through the balance of the feminine and the masculine.

It is our mission at MixR to use technology to support communities that bring this balance into our lives, homes, and communities.

In short, we believe in a world where feminine and masculine DNA have equal influence in shaping our future.  In this article, I explain what that “new battle” is, and what women can do.

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Tatjana Luethi

Chief Evangelist Co-founder & UX/UI/Designer

Born and raised in Switzerland, Tatjana finds delight in helping entrepreneurs merge their passion and purpose with creative design-thinking strategies. She combines her training in graphic design (B.F.A from Art Center College of Design), her experience with UX Strategies, and her passion for personal growth to promote women’s empowerment, leadership, and skill-development. Tatjana co-founded the TOGETHER! Network for Women, has co-created multiple women’s conferences and workshops in Los Angeles, and is the co-founder of MixR.

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Los Angeles, California
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