The ever changing role of HR in the workplace

Traditional Human Resources departments have long operated as an almost separate entity within an organization – managing tasks such as labor relations, employee disputes, benefits and more. The role of HR has undergone many changes over the years, but in the last few months specifically, organizations have realized the need for HR to really become an intrinsic part of their strategy. Now, HR has a seat at most senior leadership tables, and has the ability to make an impact on an organization’s long-term vision. 

In today’s world of continuous change and uncertainty, businesses everywhere have had to rethink their priorities, budgets and goals. The days of an entire department’s efforts going unnoticed are over. It’s time for leadership to fully integrate the power of HR into their strategic pillars, and recognize the key role it holds in navigating change and ensuring employees have the best possible experience throughout. We’ve broken down two of the most compelling ways businesses can leverage HR to maneuver through these shifts – from the pandemic and beyond. 

The future is now

The crisis caused by Covid-19 has had many effects on the workplace as we know it. The move to remote work has caused traditional workplace structures to completely break down, and with this comes the need for new structures. HR departments are often equipped to reimagine,  reignite and realign people structures with the organization’s goals and its people’s best interests in mind. What they sometimes lack is full empowerment from leadership to actually create the programs needed to do so. This means developing the right culture and choosing  the right tools to communicate, collaborate and find fulfillment across business units and traditional silos. At MixR, we like to think of HR as the structural engineers of the workplace – charged with designing structures, programs and opportunities that benefit both an organization’s people and its bottom line. It’s all about re-thinking the workplace as we know it, and preparing for what’s to come. 

Your people matter most 

The value of involving HR in company-wide decision making is unmatched. By definition, HR should be able to provide leadership with a clear understanding of the ‘human’ drivers of engagement, culture, well-being and resulting outcomes across an organization. When working remotely, the ease of connecting with colleagues and building social capital is lost. After all, the physical workplace is arguably the organization’s most important (yet, taken for granted) community. Now, HR departments play an important and intentional role in providing people with new ways to build communities. The possibilities are endless – from perfecting the art of virtual get togethers, to investing in tools to further connect beyond their workplace responsibilities. It is equally important for HR to develop systems to keep its finger on the pulse of community, measure these efforts and make adjustments as needed. It’s all about finding alternative ways to re-create and promote community. Organizations that are successful in doing so reap many benefits including better employee performance, improved safety and health, and greater worker satisfaction and commitment (SHRM). 

At MixR, we’re passionate about employee experience and are constantly exploring ways to re-invigorate the workplace through community building. If you’re an organization that’s ready to put your people first and tackle these changes head-on, MixR may be right for you. Feel free to connect with us to learn more.

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