MixR 2020 Recap: Reflecting on a wild year

On behalf of the entire MixR community, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you a safe, happy and brighter 2021. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with our journey and engaging with our content over this past year. We have a lot of exciting things coming up, so stay tuned! 

Each year, we like to take a step back and reflect on lessons learned, times of gratitude and our overall favorite moments from the past twelve months. We can’t pretend this has been a normal year for anyone – but we’ve found ways to embrace this way of life and come together, despite being apart. Even through a global pandemic, the power of connection, trust and belonging in our daily lives and at work is stronger than ever. 

Here are a few of our favorite and most meaningful moments from 2020. 

Content, content, content 

In 2020, we created more content and resources than we ever have before – all with the goal to  share best practices for creating vibrant workplace communities, highlight team member voices, and showcase the power of trust & belonging. Here are some of your favorite reads:

Having meaningful conversations 

For the MixR community, 2020 was the year of meaningful conversations. We were lucky enough to learn from a wide variety of industry thought leaders and share these insights with all of you. Here are some of our most memorable conversations that helped us navigate through these trying times: 

P.S. Our founder, Cecile Moulard, was even featured in International Deal Gateways’ first e-book following a conversation she had about the importance of workplace communities! 

Big announcements, and more to come! 

In November, we announced the addition of our newest advisor: Mark Levy. As the pioneer of the shift from HR to Employee Experience, Mark has focused his career on harnessing the talents and passions of employees – we’re excited to have him on board our powerful group of advisors. In case you missed it, he was recently a guest on DisrupTV…catch the entire interview here.

All of our hard work and patience throughout 2020 has paid off, as we’re looking forward to a couple big announcements coming in the first half of the new year. Stay tuned for more details. 

Again, on behalf of the entire MixR community: THANK YOU. None of this would be possible without our team, our advisors, our investors and our followers. Wishing you all the best and a bright future for 2021! 

MixR Team



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