Key insights for creating vibrant workplace communities (Part 1)

The fact that we spend most of our time in the workplace is often undermined, and as a result, the importance of building workplace culture is easily overlooked. However, recent studies have demonstrated that bettering the workplace and building communities at work should be key considerations for organizations looking to improve employee experience and retention, all the while boosting productivity and growth. So, how can you build these communities and thrust your organization towards the leading edge of workplace culture?

We’ve compiled a selection of six key insights to keep in mind while building your workplace communities and selecting the tools you will need to do so. Here’s part 1: 

All of your workplace communities are already here, you just can’t quite see them yet.

I- Everyone in your workplace has their own identity, experiences, goals and interests

It’s a wonderful thing to be Human! From our very first moment to our very last we get to construct our identity, pursue our passions and interests, learn from our experiences and wonder what the future might hold. This inherent quality of ours is the catalyst to our great diversity, and yet, it is also what makes finding common ground with others (an interest, an experience, a trait, a belief, etc.) so comforting and desirable. In that vein, empowering employees to find common ground can have a profound impact on their experiences at work, and increases feelings of trust and belonging across the board. 

II- Communities are built around common grounds between their members

All communities are built on the feeling of association that might arise when a group of individuals who share something of significance (interests, experiences, nationalities etc.) realize their common grounds, and organize around them. 

III- Visibility is the first step towards building your communities

The first priority when building a workplace community must be to enable employees to explore the Human depth of your workplace. There is no better way to do that than to help them learn about their colleagues’ interests and experiences, and share their own, so that they might find the common grounds that will help form the foundation of a vibrant workplace community.

We hope you enjoyed part 1 of this series on creating vibrant workplace communities. Stay tuned for more insights coming next week. 

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Hugo Henry

Growth Marketing Lead

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