#DYAO (Dance Your A** Off) with MixR for Women’s History Month

Instructions to post and donate:

Make a dance video and challenge your friends while supporting a good cause.

We’re calling on you this Women’s History Month to stand up and #DYAO (Dance Your A** Off) for any time someone tried to hold you down. Show those haters that no one puts Baby in a corner, we just prefer to boogie.

We’ve partnered with Daily Karma to create a Cause Fund for empowering women that includes Global Fund for Women, Take the Lead Women, & Look what SHE did! We’re hoping to raise $10,000 by March 31st.

What can you do to help? Make a dance video, share it on social media using the hashtags #DYAO and #womenshistorymonth, then challenge your friends, co-workers, family & favorite brands to make their own videos, or to donate to our Cause Fund for empowering women. Or, even better: do both! But do it quickly, because the campaign only runs until the end of March.

We’ve even got some music for you! Download our Women’s History Month anthem, On Top of the World.  Be a Dancing Queen (or King) with our music, or use your own song! We’re flexible, as long as you show us some happy feet.

A few pro tips:

  •  Short videos are best – No more than 30 seconds. Even 15 seconds is good!
  •  If you want to use our music, download it to your smartphone, and use a great video app like InShotor Quik
  •  Don’t forget to tag your friends and use the hashtags #DYAO and #womenshistorymonth. You can also tag MixR at @mixrsocial

Fine but important print: Individuals participating in the #DYAO Campaign do so at their own election and at their own risk. Read more here.

So, get your dance on.


The MixR Team


#DYAO #womenshistorymonth

Kim leads marketing at MixR. Before that, she took a year to step back to travel around the world after working for Kimberly-Clark in Atlanta and London in marketing roles. She also co-founded an early stage fund investing in women-led ventures. Public speaking, leading a project, and empowering women motivates her. She’s a French American, a foodie, a triathlete, a BBG fan, a morning person, a documentary nerd, a feminist, and a fast talker.

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