Algorithm bias is rampant, and MixR is doing something about it

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Algorithms are embedded in our lives in an ever-expanding way as AI grows in influence. Furthermore, reams of research tells us that algorithm bias is rampant, given that the majority of developers are men. At MixR, we believe that it is time to change things up and to reassess how algorithms are used, so we started asking some tough questions:

  • What would happen if we started developing digital tools from another point of view, say with women in mind?
  • What behaviors are reinforced through algorithm bias?
  • How do you drive interaction while also honoring issues such as online safety?
  • What would happen if you started organizing these tools to reflect the way that women behave: non-hierarchical, collaborative, open, and transparent?

Cecile Moulard, the former CEO of and Meetic, began exploring these ideas in 2015 and subsequently put together a team of women (and some woke men) to develop their first platform, MixR. Whether it is doing something fun, practical or meaningful, groups and mixrs are powerful ways to connect and engage locally with like-minded people, enabling users to #LeadLikeaWoman.

MixR is proud to be putting this idea into practice in a big way. If you want to hear about algorithm bias and how it’s influencing your life, please Vote Us Up on SXSW so we can stand on stage and share it with you!

Angela Wilson Gyetvan handles strategic partnerships for MixR. Her 20+ year career in emerging businesses and tech includes executive positions with Electronic Arts, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Idealab and Evite. She serves on the Digital Committee for Women in Film, and is also a member of the Television Academy, where she sits on the Awards Working Group. She has lectured on digital and social media at both USC and UCLA, and has been a featured speaker at multiple industry conferences. She was part of the Tech for Obama (T4O) team in the 2012 election, served on the digital team for the HRC presidential campaign. She likes to play tennis and drink wine, sometimes concurrently.

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