When Leading Like a Woman Changes a Country:…

By Angela Wilson Gyetvan | August 15, 2018

Today was the 106th birthday of one of America’s favorite female icons: Julia Child. Whether or not you’re a foodie (and I am, for sure!), Julia –- a single-name celebrity who predated Madonna, Cher and Rihanna by generations – continues to represent all that is good about great cooking for Americans of all ages.

Algorithm bias is rampant, and MixR is doing…

By Angela Wilson Gyetvan | August 10, 2018

Vote for MixR’s panel at 2019 SXSW today! Algorithms are embedded in our lives in an ever-expanding way as AI grows in influence. Furthermore, reams of research tells us that algorithm bias is rampant, given that the majority of developers are men. At MixR, we believe that it is time to change things up and […]

Pounding the Pavement with Jane Fonda

By Kala Maxym | August 9, 2018

We love it when new members join MixR, we get super excited when we see a new group being formed. Most of all, we absolutely love seeing MixR in action, bringing people together, empowering new female leaders, and creating change in our world! On Saturday September 8th, the #PavementPounders group on MixR will be taking […]

Women empowering Women in traditionally male-dominated industries

By Kala Maxym | August 6, 2018

A woman in a hard hat is still a pretty rare sight. Not as rare as it used to be, for sure, but I think we can all admit that we still see an awful lot of “MEN AT WORK” signs as opposed to the rather more inclusive “‘PEOPLE AT WORK” when driving past a […]