Community is everything.

By Kala Maxym | November 19, 2018

MixR is excited to premiere it’s monthly article on inspirational women. Some may be women you’ve heard of, while others are not household names but merely women making a mark in their local communities, on their travels, and at home. The uniqueness of MixR is that with MixR any woman can rise to be a […]

election day - your vote counts

This Election Day, Use MixR to #SquadVote!

By Pavita Singh | November 4, 2018

Election Day is coming up on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, which means it’s time to decide what’s important for you, research the issues, get up off the couch, and head to the polls to cast your ballot! But first—why is voting so important? In short, voting is our voice and gives us a say in […]

female leadership - young girl in red cape looking out over the city

3 Leadership Skills to Instill in the Next…

By Pavita Singh | October 16, 2018

“Leadership” has become a common buzzword we hear thrown around a lot these days. People often associate leadership with power, influence, activism, and taking charge of situations. While these are certainly important qualities to have as a leader and should not be downplayed, they make up a narrow definition of leadership and miss much of […]

How can businesses be sure they are targeting…

By Kala Maxym | October 4, 2018

Our blog post this week is full of questions. We hope you will read it with the full understanding that we are asking the questions because we truly do not know the answers, or even if there are answers. Above all, we want to start a conversation, so please join us! MixR’s mission is to […]