Our Greatest Blog Yet

By MixR Team | February 24, 2022

The pandemic pushed organizations toward transforming work at a never before seen rate. News headlines speak of a massive resignation, and reshuffling of the workforce… but what if it’s more than that?

A Word From Our CEO, On Love

By Cecile Moulard | February 14, 2022

Read a few words from MixR CEO, Cecile Moulard, on the integrative power of love in our homes, at work and beyond.

Psychological Safety: Why We Need It Now

By MixR Team | February 10, 2022

At MixR, we strongly believe community is the quickest path to psychological safety and sustainable results for your people and your bottom line. 

Hybrid Doesn’t Have To Mean Disconnected

By MixR Team | January 27, 2022

The future of work is hybrid. Here are some things to consider as your organization transitions to hybrid work.