We believe in the power of true community to heal the world

About MixR

MixR is in the business of creating belonging at work. We are a Saas platform for building thriving in-person workplace communities. Workplace communities are a vital component of a company’s culture. They foster a sense of belonging amongst employees, which in turn attracts and retains the best talent, drives innovation, creates a true diverse and inclusive culture, and elevates next-generation leadership.

The platform empowers every employee to start or join a community based on their interests. MixR’s groundbreaking CQ™ metric measures the impact workplace communities have on culture and rewards employee engagement for building community.

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Statierra - The Parent Company

We’re a multicultural U.S company created in December 2016 and funded by private angel investors who share our passion and commitment to this project. In fact, we have been known to refuse money from investors who didn’t seem aligned with our vision. We’re also buoyed by lots of “fairies” who have connected us with exactly the right people at the right time.


(From Staterra: latin for “equilibrium.” We added the “i” to evoke tierra, “the Earth:” Balanced Earth!)


Cecile Moulard

The Conduit Co-founder & CEO

Cécile brings 20 years of internet, eCommerce, and entrepreneurship experience to MixR. She launched the Amazon.fr subsidiary, developed Meetic (the leading European online dating service) and sold it to Match.com, and founded Carat Interactive (the first internet media-buying Company in Europe).

Dominique Lejade

The Entrepreneur Co-founder & COO

Dominique is a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of experience in computer systems engineering and finance. He launched and sold Copy 2000 (equivalent of Kinko’s in France) to Xerox and Contact Office Automation (a Big Data management firm located in Los Angeles) and launched Match Media Group (the world’s leader in mobile and web-based online dating sites).

Marketing and Biz Dev Team

Marina Romanova

The Connector The Engagement Specialist

Angela Gyetvan

The Jedi Strategic Partnerships

Kimberly Tartavull

The Energizer Marketing Lead

Tech Team

Svetlana Shelipova

The Socialite Product Manager

Olivier Holleindre

The Bodyguard General Manager

Marion Muszynski

The Whizz Full Stack-Developer

Jean-François Elio

The Musician Full Stack-Developer

Bastien Gauthier

The Conductor Chief Technology Officer

Board of Advisors

Tatjana Luethi

Advisor Co-founder & UX/UI/Designer
TOGETHER! Network for Women

Tatjana has 20 years of professional experience spanning private and corporate business, user experience strategy, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. She combines her robust skillset with a passion for promoting women’s empowerment, leadership, and skill-development.

Andy Cunningham

Investor & Advisor Founder & President
Cunningham Collective

“It’s comforting to know women have the MixR platform for their voice; a place to gather, share experiences, and be empowered to organize groups and build businesses. MixR is designed for the unique needs of women’s groups, uniting us across natural barriers in an extremely powerful way.”

Beatrice Cointreau

Investor & Director Founder & CEO
Champagne Tresor de France

“MixR allows women to surround themselves with amazing groups of passionate women, who are focused on their career and personal developments. From tips to connections, MixR allows them to learn, be a better leader and be empowered.”

Diane Flynn

Advisor Co-founder and CEO
ReBoot Accel

“It’s important for women to use their voice. MixR is the perfect platform to accelerate this charge. With MixR, women can safely engage with other like-minded women, enriching and deepening the dialog that comes from a much-needed feminine voice, and empowering women to lead the change.”

Patricia Bonaert

Investor & Advisor Founder & Managing Partner

“In a world that is mainly shaped by men for men, very little space is given to women to use their skills to shine and shape the world. MixR is changing that, providing a place were like-minded women can support and empower each other, and secure a seat at the table of influence and decision making.”

Nilima Bhat

Advisor Founder & Director
Shakti Fellowship

“If you feel powerfully called to ‘gather the women’ and restore urgently needed balance in the world, I highly recommend MixR. It is a caring, carefully developed engagement platform. Here you can easily organize and effectively empower change in the world, one community at a time.”

Pierre-Marcel Blanchot

Investor & Advisor Founder
PMB Coaching & Strategy

“Technologies and societies are drastically and rapidly changing, shaping a brand new world. MixR is the right catalyzer, a safe engagement platform, to help build confidence, consciousness and self- awareness creating a society where empowered women are key players throughout the world.”

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