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About MixR

We live in a world of innovation. Change happens at the speed of light. New ideas permeate every part of our being. Yet something is askew. Most of us have an uneasy feeling about the direction we are heading, whether political, social or economic. We can’t quite put a finger on why we feel this way. How is there so much unease in a time of so much possibility?

At MixR, we believe the problem stems from extremes. From polarized views, single perspectives and influence from a single sub-group. But the beauty of our world comes from balance. Of the old and the young. Of the rich and the poor. Of the feminine and the masculine.

One of these prominent extremes is the masculine influence on our world today. Organizational models, power structures and even technology algorithms are built around masculine traits, DNA and thought processes. At MixR, we believe in a world where feminine and masculine DNA have equal influence. Our mission is to help deliver on this vision by empowering female leadership within local communities to stand up, pursue their passions, drive social change and create a more balanced world.

At MixR, we have big plans but we are starting small, focused on community-level impact. We want to help support the communities that drive this balance. The organizations, associations and casual communities of women that empower leadership, support passion and create interactive groups of strong, independent women.

We are at an inflection point. We can sit by and watch as the world loses the beauty of its balance, or we can take action and empower women, and their organizations, to grow, to flourish, to lead.

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Statierra - The Parent Company

We’re a multicultural U.S company created in December 2016 and funded by private angel investors who share our passion and commitment to this project. In fact, we have been known to refuse money from investors who didn’t seem aligned with our vision. We’re also buoyed by lots of “fairies” who have connected us with exactly the right people at the right time.


(From Staterra: latin for “equilibrium.” We added the “i” to evoke tierra, “the Earth:” Balanced Earth!)

The Co-Founders

Cecile Moulard

Cecile Moulard

The Conduit Co-founder & CEO

Current favorite quote:

"Take change by the hand before it grabs you by the throat"
- Winston Churchill
  • Fatal weakness:38-months aged Comté with a glass of Saint-Emilion
  • Favorite music:Agnes Obel, Ane Brun, Melody Gardot, Salome Leclerc
  • Favorite TV shows:Scandal, Downton Abbey, Engrenages (Spiral)
  • Turn-ons:A great idea to build on
  • Turn-offs:White socks, oysters, lack of respect, crazy politicians
  • Secretly wishes she were:free like a bird

Tirelessly Shakti-powered to help people and situations realize their highest potential, Cécile brings 20 years of internet, eCommerce & entrepreneurship experience. She founded Carat Interactive...

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Dominique Lejade

Dominique Lejade

The Entrepreneur Co-founder & CTO/CFO

Current favorite quote:

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"
- Albert Einstein
  • Fatal weakness:A glass of Rosé on the beach
  • Favorite music:Reggae, Pop, Blues
  • Favorite TV shows:Game of Thrones, Madame Secretary, Westworld
  • Turn-ons:Basketball, UCLA team sports, Movie going, Ocean, Gardening
  • Turn-offs:Negative behavior
  • Secretly wishes she were:Myself with more time to spare

A seasoned entrepreneur with strong background in computer systems engineering and finance, Dominique grew up between Africa, France, and the U.S with a passion for competitive sports. His religion is Resilience...

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Tatjana Luethi

Tatjana Luethi

Chief Evangelist Co-founder & UX/UI/Designer

Current favorite quote:

"When in doubt, get in action"
- Tatjana Luethi
  • Fatal weakness:Kitties, cats and animals in general
  • Favorite music:Sia, Adele, Lenny Kravitz
  • Favorite TV shows:Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan, Downton Abbey
  • Turn-ons:People who listen
  • Turn-offs:People who interrupt before I’m done expressing myself
  • Secretly wishes she were:Professional ballroom dancer

Born and raised in Switzerland, Tatjana finds delight in helping entrepreneurs merge their passion and purpose with creative design-thinking strategies. She combines her training in graphic design...

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