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At MixR, we believe that when people are expected to achieve something together, they are most effective at doing so when they know and trust each other.

We made it our mission to help organizations scale trust and belonging at work. MixR’s platform is designed for corporations who are ready for new ways to empower employees to increase their engagement, retention and mental health.

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Go Beyond Teams

Unlike most productivity tools (e.g., Slack or Ms Teams) that are team centric and task focused, MixR is community centric and focused around “shared experiences”. Our platform provides a dedicated safe space for employees to forge meaningful relationships with one another, no matter their business unit.

Teams - Communities

Discover the power of communities@work

Shared interests

Shared interests and shared experiences

Our unique algorithm connects individuals with similar interests and empowers people to build authentic communities around these interests. We call them “communities@work” - a fresh look at Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Social Clubs, and other interest-based groups.

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Empower employees

Empower employees to be part of the solution

Making employees part of the solution means less work for HR, and better outcomes for your people and your bottom line. Today is a good time to give your people ownership of their experience at work.

Scale trust and belonging

Scale trust and belonging

Communities@work play an essential role in building trust, belonging and psychological safety at work. Why is this important? Because in high-trust environments, people show up to do their best work. They feel valued, they are confident in each other and willing to think outside of the box.

Create connection without silos

Create connection without silos

Empower employees to connect with each other regardless of their job title or business unit. When this happens, not only does trust blossom, but so do all organization’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts.

Understand what moves your people

Understand what moves your people

Gain insights into your communities with powerful dashboards and automations. Track community engagement while respecting privacy, understand the interest fabric of your organization, highlight and reward community leaders, and more from the MixR dashboards.

You’ll be in good company ;)

"Partnering with MixR in an effort to activate our D & I programming was highly rewarding. Our goal of increasing brand awareness about our company's values and social causes was met when consumers, employees and the local community gained insight on current trends and internal programming. When people realize a global brand cares about the humanity of its employees and consumers, greater retention, sales & productivity is gained. MixR is leading the way in this most valuable area of innovative, digital community engagement."

"MixR has been instrumental in keeping our colleagues & friends connected & organized. I appreciate how easy MixR makes it to engage with various groups, schedule events, & communicate with members, & I love the ability to connect with others over shared interests. MixR has quickly become my go-to platform for connecting!”

"MixR has allowed us to scale, streamline and strengthen our community-building efforts. Our members have been able to form lasting, meaningful relationships - increasing engagement, collaboration and connection across the board."

Just like we’re in good company :D

Our partners are established leaders in the fields of Diversity & Inclusion, Culture, and Employee Experience. We lean on their unique insights and expertise to deliver a product that consistently answers and anticipates the needs of our clients to equip them with the right tools and communities to grow and thrive.

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